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Getting The Very Best Apartment Loan For You!

Apartment loans are not all made the same. Interest rates are always top of mind but are just one of the many pieces of the puzzle!
At Multifamily Capital Advisors we use a strategic personalized structured approach to multifamily lending and it is embedded in everything we do. 

We Put The Puzzle Together For You!

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The Puzzle

Multifamily Capital Advisors formula for success. Putting the Puzzle together!

The Puzzle Pieces

  • Interest Rates
  • Loan Proceeds
  • Term of Loan 
  • Prepayment Penalty Terms
  • Fixed Rate or Hybrid Loan or Adjustable Rate Loan
  • Recourse Guarantee or Non-Recourse loans

More Puzzle Pieces

  • Costs and Fees
  • Timing of the Transaction
  • What Lender to Chose
  • Lenders Appetite for the Deal Based on What They Do,  Not What They Say
  • Underwriting Criteria of lender
  • Execution Certainty of lender

The Solution

          At Multifamily Capital Advisors we  put the puzzle together.  Shown above there 12 critical pieces of the apartment loan puzzle. But how do you choose which is the best combination of terms in the puzzle? How do you decide what is important? How do even chose the right lender?  Well our solution starts with our proprietary Borrower Persona analysis that puts a laser focus on your investment strategy and apartment loan strategy. When you follow this proprietary process you always come up with The Very Best Apartment Loan For You and the best way to accomplish your goals.


Proven Process to Success

Our Strategic Process Aligns Your Personal Interests and Investment Goals and Guides You To Getting The Very Best Apartment Loan For You!

This four-step process is the foundation for a successful loan transaction. We tailor this process to you to ensure we accomplish your goals and exceed your expectations!

Step 1

We Build Your Borrowing Persona Profile

First, this is about You!  We need to know you.  We start with our proprietary borrower persona interview questionnaire process to build your borrower persona profile.

Step 2

Explore and Explain Your Options

Now that we have completed your Borrower Persona. We will match your Borrower Persona with recommendations for your best loan options.  As this strategic puzzle comes together, we will come to a conclusion with you of which loan is The Very Best Apartment Loan Option For You!

Step 3

Design your Personalized Roadmap for Success

Now you have picked your best loan option, it is time to do your road map, a blueprint for your deal.   This is our execution plan for the transaction. Time lines, action items, risk areas, decision points, pain points, contingency plans, from start to finish.  What you need to do,  and what We will do.  

Step 4

Execute the Road Map

Now, we execute on the road map.  Guide you using our personalized process through the journey hand in hand until your loan is closed and funded.  Success!

Let's Build Your Borrower Persona and Road Map

Now, Let's Build Your Borrower Persona Profile

Fill in your information and lets roll! The Best Apartment Loan is waiting for YOU!


“I have worked with Jerry for 16 years and have grown my portfolio from 55 units to more than 1200 units with him as my loan guy. I have never met anyone with his depth of knowledge, work ethic, and cut to the chase directness in the apartment industry."

Stig Thu | Olive Bark Management


Jerry Kendall | Multifamily Capital

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