Property Requirements 

  1. 2 years of Operating Statements for property (Monthly)
  2. Year to Date P&L (Monthly)
  3. Current Rent Roll with move in, lease end dates, and tenant names
  4. Capital Expenditures Breakdown for the last 3 years
  5. Survey or ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) if available
  6. Environmental Questionnaire or Report

Entity Requirements 

  1. Entity Structure / Vesting Tree
  2. Financial Statement of Existing Entity
  3. Formation Documents / Articles of Incorporation
  4. Fully Executed Entity Operating Agreement
  5. 2016 Federal Tax Return for Entity (if not on borrower's tax return)
  6. 2017 Federal Tax Return for Entity (if not on borrower's tax return)
  7. 2018 Federal Tax Return for Entity (if not on Borrower's tax return) or extension for 2018
  8. ​Entity Application

Borrower Requirements 

  1. Current Personal Financial Statement (PFS)
  2. Schedule of Real Estate Owned
  3. 2016 Federal Tax Return complete with K1s
  4. 2017 Federal Tax Return complete with K1s
  5. 2018 Federal Tax Return complete with K1s (or extension)
  6. Verification of Liquidity
  7. ​Borrower Application


  1. Copy of Purchase Settlement Statement (if bought in last 5 years)
  2. Detail Information on Existing Debt
  3. Refinance Worksheet (from Forms page)


  1. Fully Executed Purchase Contract
  2. All Amendments and Counter Offers to the above contract
  3. Preliminary Title Commitment
  4. Purchase Worksheet (from Forms​ page)

Items needed

This always seems like an overwhelming list but it's not too bad as once it's provided the pain is over. Clients always ask if this information is really required and the answer is yes. At some point the lender will ask and it will have to be provided. It's easier to just get it out of the way. This also gives us a complete picture of you and allows us to eliminate any surprises during the process. It is part of our proactive approach. 

Get in touch with us and we will help you sort through it.

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