Program Highlights Top Markets:

(terms may be different in specific markets)

- Nationwide lending


- No Borrower Federal Tax Returns

- Non-Recourse ( no personal guarantee)

- 80% LTV Purchase or Refi (debt cover constrained)

- 80% LTV Cash-out Refi (debt cover constrained)

- Aggressive competitive rates!

- No legal fees

- Low fees

- Interest Only Available

- 30 year minimum amortization

- Flexible Prepayment Options

- No Insurance and Replacement Reserve Escrows

- 60 days or less close times we have done 30 days

- Scattered sites are allowed with review

- Extended Terms up to 20 years

Multifamily Capital Advisors does business with 9 of the 11 Freddie Mac SBL Lenders listed below.

Freddie MAC designed the Small Balance Loan (SBL Program) to provide liquidity (loans) for affordable multifamily housing across the nation for loan amounts ranging from $1 million to $7.5 million. This does not sound small to most of us but Freddie Mac is known for loans starting at $10 million and up to the largest mega deals, hence these are small balance loans for Freddie Mac.

Multifamily Capital Advisors closed the first ever SBL loan in Colorado. We helped pioneer the program from the beginning. Looking for a loan between $1 million and $6 million with exception to $7.5 million, then this is it. Aggressive underwriting and terms which give you the best rate and the most loan proceeds.  Market rate underwriting at current rents, 1.20 debt cover ratio's (DCR) on the actual note rate for underwriting in top markets, non-recourse, no borrower federal tax returns , possible interest only loans and many other great features.  Call for details.

The most agressive Apartment Loan Program in the country, Nationwide really!