You should ask why would you do business with so many of the Freddie Mac Small Balance Seller Servicers? The program is a standard program and it should be the same, implemented exactly the same at every lender. 


This should be the truth... but IT IS NOT. 


Truth is Lenders are made up of people and relationships, different levels of expertise, limited geographic knowledge and preferences, limited capacities and staffing, internal politics, limited resources, different levels of passion and commitment, different interpretations of guidelines and risk, and even preferences to top clients in the industry.  Some even have different abilities to fund loan timely based on their internal policies and financial constraints. Also, the number of transactions a lender has in the pipeline may even have an impact on the final outcome. They all have different relationships with Freddie Mac itself. Freddie Mac actually pre-screens every exception and review every single file prior to final loan approval.  These final terms outcomes can vary based on the factors stated above so it is critical to know the nuances of each lender.  This is a very much an organic process. Interest Rates may even be structured differently by different lenders and must be negotiated to get the best deal for you the client.  


At Multifamily Capital Advisors with more than 30 years of experience we make it our job and passion to understand and guide you through these traps. We know each lender better than they know themselves. This is based on their actions not what they say .  One program does not fit all and all lenders are not the same. even though it looks like a level playing surface it can be very bumpy.  We know these nuances. It takes experience to negotiate the best of Situations for you Our Clients  and Representing your best interest!  That's we do!!!

Multifamily Capital Advisors does business with 9 of the 11 Freddie Mac SBL Seller Servicer Lenders.

Here at Multifamily Capital Advisors we have embraced the Freddie Mac Small Balance Apartment Loan Program.  In fact, we helped pioneer the program from the beginning.  Multifamily Capital Advisors closed the first ever Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan(SBL) loan in Colorado. In 2018, we were the top mortgage broker in Colorado financing small apartment deals in the Freddie MAC Small Balance Loan (SBL) Program.  Did you know that this program was designed for mortgage brokers because of our broad reach to the consumer. The bulk of these SBL loans are originated by mortgage brokers.  So work with the best at Multifamily Capital Advisors.  They is no extra fees to work with a broker versus processing a loan with one of the seller servicers by design.  The reason is Freddie Mac's mission is to create and support affordable housing and provide liquidity to the small multifamily market. No direct lender has the foot print to cover America as well as the broker community.  Our broker community sources these loans and take them to these lenders and hold lenders accountable for fair pricing and fair deals for consumers by competitively making these lenders them compete for business.


The Freddie Mac program provides liquidity (loans) for affordable multifamily housing across the nation for loan amounts ranging from $1 million to $7.5 million. 


Looking for a loan between $1 million to $7.5 million, then this is it. Multifamily Capital Advisors is the loan originator of choice. Aggressive underwriting and terms which give you the best rate and the most loan proceeds.  Market rate underwriting at current rents, 1.20 debt cover ratio's (DCR) on the actual note rate for underwriting in top markets, non-recourse, no borrower federal tax returns, possible interest only loans and many other great features and flexible prepays.  Call for details and put us to work for you!  As always we are are on your team.


Program Highlights  

(terms may vary in specific markets)

- Nationwide lending


- No Borrower Federal Tax Returns EVER

- Non-Recourse ( no personal guarantee)

- 80% LTV Purchase or Refi (debt cover constrained)

- 80% LTV Cash-out Refi (debt cover constrained)

- Aggressive competitive rates!

- No legal fees

- Low fees

- Interest Only Available

- 30 year minimum amortization

- Flexible Prepayment Options

- Typically No Insurance and Replacement Reserve Escrows

- 60 days or less close times we have done 30 days

- Scattered sites are allowed with review

- Extended Terms up to 20 years